Skimmia japonica shrub


Skimmia japonica shrub

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The Skimmia japonica develops like a shrub. This plant in the winter assumes a red colouring; it is small in size and can reach 1,5 m high. It keeps its leaves in the winter. Exposure Skimmia japonica The Skimmia japonica plant.
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Skimmia Japonica

Skimmia Japonica Rubella is a compact evergreen cultivar with red-margined, deep green leaves and no berries. Dark red flower buds are produced in autumn and adorn the shrub throughout the winter until they open in spring in.


Skimmia japonica reevesiana ‘Red Diamond’ This striking upright evergreen shrub has particularly intense red berries at this time of year, with ... More...

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After the house was built we lined one side of a shady path with a group of the woody ornamental shrub Skimmia japonica.

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Skimmia japonica is a shrub that is popularly cultivated as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks.

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Vyberte si z 750.000 plakátů a reprodukcí. . Skimmia Japonica "Reevesiana" Winter Berries Fotografická reprodukce 61 x 46 cm Michele Lamontagne 902,00 Kč. Euonymus Europaeus (Spindle) Shrub with Red Berry, November

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skimmia japonica, iSuperb winter colouri Skimmia japonica Rubella Japanese skimmia male; iLong lasting, bright red berriesi Skimmia japonica subsp reevesiana skimmia berry-bearing; iFlame red buds open to white flowersi.

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Skimmia japonica. Japan, Korea, China. Shrub to 7 m.

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